Pre-Construction/Post-Construction Cleaning Service

When we think about construction, the only thing that comes to our mind is dust and dirt. What a tedious process it would be to clean the mess. But don’t worry, Speedy Janitorial got you covered. When it comes to construction-related cleaning, the process has to be very efficient and the cleaning experts must have complete knowledge about how to make the place around clean, safe, non-toxic, and family-friendly. Our Cleaning experts are well-versed with this knowledge. They make your space shiny and remove the hazardous chemicals so that you can enjoy the beauty of the place after construction instead of worrying about the dirt and dust left behind. Our Pre-Construction/Post-Construction Cleaning package includes deep cleaning of all the surfaces, walls, tiles washing and complete cleaning of the windows, scrubbing the bathroom floors, and dusting all the furniture, shelves, and decors. It also includes removing dust, debris, junk, hazardous materials, and other things left after the construction is done. We are your perfect construction cleaning partners. By hiring Speedy Janitorial’s professional cleaning experts you not only save your time and energy but by hiring us you also save money as we carry our cleaning supplies. We are at your service anywhere anytime you need to make your construction cleaning experience smooth and enjoyable.