House Cleaning Package

In our house cleaning package, we offer Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning.
Regular House Cleaning
Regular House Cleaning usually happens weekly. Its main priority is to do basic cleaning tasks of the house.
The Regular Cleaning Package comprises regular kitchen cleaning, toilet washing, bedroom cleaning, mopping and vacuuming floors, and dusting surfaces and fixtures. The regular kitchen cleaning only covers the outside of cabinets/cupboards and it is only for the surfaces. Regular toilet washing comprises wiping up the floor and cleaning windows and mirrors. Tidying up the house is also done. The main purpose of regular cleaning is to maintain a certain level of hygiene and cleanliness around your house.
It costs you less and covers almost all the weekly cleaning tasks.
Deep House Cleaning
The deep cleaning package covers all of your house and cleaning goes on a deep level and not just the surfaces. They clean every corner of your house that has not even occurred to you. For Deep Cleaning we offer • Deep Kitchen Cleaning Our Deep Kitchen Cleaning package includes a thorough cleaning of kitchen tops, dusting and cleaning inside the cupboards/cabinets, mopping floors, and deep cleaning of fridge, oven, and other electrical appliances (extra charge applicable). We also scrub down the exterior of your stove making it look clean and shiny. Interior window washing can be added to this package too(extra charge applicable). • Deep Bathroom Cleaning Our Deep Bathroom Cleaning package includes cleaning the tub and shower, scrubbing the walls and mopping the floor, scrubbing the sink, disinfecting the toilet, making your mirrors shine, and cleaning the cabinets. With a Deep Cleaning package, no dirt would be left behind.